Season 4 Week 16 Jaguars vs Colts

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Season 4 Week 16 Jaguars vs Colts

Post by morpheus on Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:29 am

The Jaguars were allowed to travel to Indianapolis today. Both sides with big injury problems. When the Colts 8 players missing from Offense and Defense and the Jaguars lack of Starting WR and DT.
And so it is hardly surprising that the new Starting RB the Colts play the first time it was the same show what is in Him.
The following are typical in the game 1-2 Colts RB Runnplays all Carter.D run could turn to three touchdowns.
The defense and offense of the Jaguars was too bad today.
On the other side was the defense of the Colts not to stop the
They had no space big profits and Jacksonville had to give up the ball again.
Thus came to e.g. approached by a beautiful pass to Lofton to the Redzone. And right in the next play RB Carter was back in the machine Enndzone.
It was not the day of the Jaguars.

The result is a win for ungefährdeter Indianapolis on the scoreboard.

Final score: Colts vs. Jaguars 0-44

Player of the Game: Colts RB Carter.D 104 Yds and 3 TD's

Total Offense: Jaguar's 134 - 330 Colts
Rushing Yds: Jaguars 93 - 106 Colts
Passing Yds: Jaguars 41 - 224 Colts
Turnovers: 2 Jaguars - Colts 0

Top performers in addition to the Man of the Match:

QB Manning.P
AT: 20
COMP: 15
INT: 0
TDS: 2
Yrds: 224

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