Season 5 - Week 5 - Chiefs v Broncos

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Season 5 - Week 5 - Chiefs v Broncos

Post by Pastinator on Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:32 pm

Chiefs run Rampant over Hapless Broncos

Jamaal Charles Runs for over 300+ yards to put the Chiefs back on track after the heartbreak they endured last week at the hands of the Titans.

3 Tds from Long time understudy Ricky Stanzi and a great display by the Chiefs Secondary put them 4-1 for the season. Brandon Flowers getting in on the action with a lovely move to beat the receiver an rumble in for the score.

Next up: the Raiders in the Coliseum - Can Berry and Co halt Michael Vick and increase their hold on the Division? ..We will wait and see. Until next time SML Fans!


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