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Roster Management Rules

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Roster Management Rules

Post by brza37 on Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:53 pm


R1) Trade Rules:
CPU Trades are not allowed.

Each team is allowed a maximum of 4 trades per league year (After the Superbowl a new league year will start with FA and trades)

Each trade may involve up to 4 players/picks per side
The trade deadline for is Week 8 during the season. Trades will then be allowed again after the Superbowl.
There will be a trade committee that must approve of a trade before it will be officially allowed
The trade committee must vote with 3/5 of the vote allowing the trade in order for it to be accepted
Players with expiring contracts can be traded after re-signing (sign and trade), with a re-signing spot (aquiring team can re-sign them trading team loses one re-signing from their max) or without anything (aquiring team will have to use one of their own re-signing spots to re-sign them).

In order for a trade to be reviewed by the committee all team owners involved in the trade must post and accept the trade in the thread "Proposed Trades" under "Player Transaction Central".

The Trade Committee members are:

R2) Free Agency:
OFFSEASON Free Agency:

Offseason FA Bidding happens over 3 stages where you can bid on players you want. When a stage is advanced some players will decide to sign while others will wait for a better offer before deciding.

Pre-Season Free Agency:
There will be no Free Agent draft in the Preseason this year. Everyone will be allowed to sign up to 2 free agents during Preseason Week 1.
If you do not meet the minimum requirements before starting a preseason game or else the CPU will randomly sign players for you. Please post the names of the players the CPU signed in the offseason schedule threa. If you do not meet the minimum requirements you must drop the players that the CPU signed for you at the conclusion of the game.

Once we advance to Preseason week 2 you can sign any additional players you want on a first come first serve basis. This period lasts throughout the season until the Super Bowl.

Regular Season Free Agency:
During the regular season and playoffs you are allowed to sign whatever free agents you want on a first come first serve basis. This period lasts throughout the season until the Super Bowl.

R3) Roster Minimum 50: In order to keep the salary cap fair for all, every team must have at least 50 active players on their roster at all times during the regular season and playoffs. If a player is placed on IR you must account for this difference and increase your roster accordingly. For example, if you only had 50 players before placing a player on IR then you need to sign a new player to maintain 50 active players.
In addition to the 50 active player minimum you must ALWAYS meet the EA required roster minimums. This is enforced by EA before you are allowed to play a game so make sure you dont go under at any point during the season otherwise you will get an error when trying to play.
The EA minimums per position are as follows;

QB: 2
HB: 3
WR: 4
TE: 3
T: 3
G: 3
C: 1
DT: 2
DE: 3
OLB: 3
MLB: 2
CB: 4
S: 3
P: 1
K: 1

Take this into account when planning your roster construction this offseason. Failure to comply will result in game suspensions.

R4) Release and sign not allowed
If you release a player during the season you are not allowed to sign him again during the same season.

R5) Practice Squad Stealing is Allowed
You are allowed to sign players from other teams' practice squads.

R6) Practice Squad Hidden Extensions

You are not allowed to sign players to your practice squad in Week 17 or in the playoffs. Since Practice Squad players are automatically re-signed for 2 years at the end of a season, this could be used to circumvent the maximum re-signing rules if players were signed in Week 17. This will not be tolerated.

R7) Offensive Linemen Injury Generation

randomly generating injuries for offensive linemen this year. The random injury generation will be live broadcasted via the league YouTube Gaming account SML Europe - Sim Madden League. Subscribe to the new SML Europe youtube channel so you can get notifcations when a new stream goes live.

The players were get randomly picked in the genertor will have their PBK edited down to 1. Screenshots of their ratings were made so the PBK can be bumped back up to their regular rating after the injury. Their respective head coaches should take the affected players off the depth chart for the duration of the injury.

The results will be posted below each week in the following thread:

Offensive Linemen Injuries

G10. Contract Extension Limit (Players)
Teams are only allowed to re-sign/extend 4 players before free agency starts
. That means anytime during the season or off-season stage 1 before free agency, teams can extend or franchise tag up to 4 players.
So for example, if you have to resign 10 guys, you must pick 4 that you want to keep. Resign 4 of them. The rest MUST hit FA and you can then bid on them to bring them back on the open market. This is to make the offseason and FA more interesting and also an attempt to keep balance in the league. Failure to follow this rule will result in the release of a player that was resigned that year (of the commissioner’s choice) and loss of 1 re-sign the following season.
After the first season, teams who did not make the playoffs can re-sign 5 the following year. All other playoff teams can still re-sign 4.
For Season 1 of Madden 18 please check the googledoc to see how many players you can resign:

G11. Contract Extension Limit (Years)
Since we can only play a max of 4 or 5 seasons per year it is easy to sign all your players to 7 year contracts with low bonuses that keeps their cap numbers low until after our franchise is already done. Most guys keep it realistic and don't give out many 7 year contracts if at all but we want to get rid of this loophole anyway.
Teams are only allowed to extend players a maximum of 5 years.
If a player you want to sign is demanding a contract that is longer than 5 years you must send the admins (brza37, LTown27ers and Warrior) a screenshot of his demands before attempting to sign him.

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