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 Roster Management Rules

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PostSubject: Roster Management Rules   Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:53 pm


R1) Trade Rules:
CPU Trades are not allowed.

Each team is allowed a maximum of 4 trades per league year (After the Superbowl a new league year will start with FA and trades)

Each trade may involve up to 4 players/picks per side
The trade deadline for season 1 was Week 17 during the season. In season 2 going forward the trade deadline will be Week 12. Trades will then be allowed again after the Superbowl
There will be a trade committee that must approve of a trade before it will be officially allowed
The trade committee must vote with 2/3 of the vote allowing the trade in order for it to be accepted

In order for a trade to be reviewed by the committee all team owners involved in the trade must post and accept the trade in the thread "Proposed Trades" under "Player Transaction Central".

R2) Free Agency:

It is now possible to make roster transactions through or in game on PS4. When you make a transaction on daddyleagues it will automatically synch up with the PS4.

During the offseason Free Agent Bidding is like a silent auction type of thing on PS4. FA Bidding happens over 3 stages where you can bid on players you want. When a stage is advanced some players will decide to sign while others will wait for a better offer before deciding.

Preseason Free Agency - 3 Round Free Agency Waiver Wire/Draft
We will advance to the Preseason so we have an up to date list of FAs. However free agency will not be a free for all until Preseason Week 2!! In Week 1 we will have a FA draft/waiver wire.
All teams who want FAs should send me a list of all possible FAs you want. I will then assign FAs to teams based on draft order (reverse order of standings) and the order in which you list the FAs. You will get the top player on your list who was not taken before your pick. I will post the taken players in the forum and other teams will not be allowed to sign them. There will be 3 rounds of FA reserving. If all the players on your list are taken by your pick then you won't get anyone, so make sure to send me a long enough list.

Once the list of reserved players is posted you can sign the players assigned to you. Only players assigned to you in the FA draft may be signed in Preseason Week 1. If you need more players because of roster minimums you must notify me and then you may sign only players rated less than 70. Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements before starting a preseason game or else the CPU will randomly sign players for you. Those players could be reserved by other teams which generally causes a bunch of problems and delays.

Any players that haven't been reserved by the time we advance to Preseason Week 2 can be signed on a first come first serve basis. This period lasts throughout the season until the Super Bowl.

If you release a player during the season you are not allowed to sign him again during the same season.

R4) Roster Minimum 50: In order to keep the salary cap fair for all, every team must have at least 50 active players on their roster at all times. If a player is placed on IR you must account for this difference and increase your roster accordingly. For example, if you only had 50 players before placing a player on IR then you need to sign a new player to maintain 50 active players.
In addition to the 50 active player minimum you must ALWAYS meet the EA required roster minimums. This is enforced by EA before you are allowed to play a game so make sure you dont go under at any point during the season otherwise you will get an error when trying to play.
The EA minimums per position are as follows;

QB: 3
HB: 3
FB: 1
WR: 4
TE: 3
T: 3
G: 3
C: 2
DT: 3
DE: 3
OLB: 3
MLB: 2
CB: 4
FS: 2
SS: 2
P: 1
K: 1

There is also a bug in Madden where QBs, TEs and HBs cannot be injured unless you have 3 or more of each on your roster. In order to fix this problem every team must have at least 3 QBs, TEs, and HBs on their roster during the season.

Take this into account when planning your roster construction this offseason. Failure to comply will result in game suspensions.

R5) Injured Reserve: We have a working injured reserve. If you would like to put a player on injured reserve he must have a season ending injury (either out for season or an injury that is longer than the total amount of weeks left). Post the player name - position - OVR and injury length in the "Injured Reserve" thread under "League News". You will receive an extra roster spot (ie. your limit will be 56 instead of 55) for these players and their salary will be set to zero for that season so that the salary doesnt count against your cap either. After the Superbowl the IR will be reset and owners will have to get back to the 55 man roster limit before free agency bidding starts.
Finally in Madden 25, Injured Reserve works in the game as it was meant to. We no longer need extra rules for IR.
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Roster Management Rules
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