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New Rules for Madden 13

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New Rules for Madden 13

Post by brza37 on Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:48 am

There are two new rules that we have added for Madden 13 due to a bug and a new unsim feature:

First there is apparently a bug in CC where some players who signed contracts this offseason are asking to renegotiate during the season. Its also a topic on the OS forums. For example, Desean Jackson wanted a new deal the first week of the season even though he just signed one for 5 years this offseason. This happened with a bunch of other stars around the league like (Matt Forte and Ray Rice) who signed new contracts this offseason in real life and were being signed by their CPU teams for new contracts with less money. This is in no way realistic or sim and an easy way to cheat the cap system by resigning your stars sometimes for cheaper. If you get a renegotiation request you can only resign them if the player is in his last or second to last year of his contract. You can check how many years a player has left by going to "Personell" "Team Salaries" in the CC on PS3. Declining to renegotiate with a player who has years left on his contract also doesn't affect the player's ratings and won't lead to a holdout so no need to worry about that either. Its possible that this has been fixed for CCs started after patch 2 and the opening day rosters but in case it does happen in our CC I just wanted everyone to be aware of the rule.

The second thing is the defensive run/pass commit feature new to the game this year. In NCAA its been in for years and has always been a hotly contested feature because it takes a ton of strategy out of the game and basically turns it into Tecmo Bowl where you only had 4 plays to pick from on O and the D just have to guess whether your opponent will run right/left/middle or pass and get a nearly automatic stop. This is not sim and won't be allowed. If you don't know how the run/pass commit works don't worry about it. If you do please don't use it. This has been added as rule G10.


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Re: New Rules for Madden 13

Post by trulyinfemous on Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:28 pm

Sad I like the run commit!

Oh well though. I do think Pass Commit however can be especially useful on 3rd and long when people try play action...

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