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Suoerbowl Week

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Suoerbowl Week

Post by Scoop_McLeak on Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:30 pm

As the Goodyear Blimp hovers into view, the cheerleaders go through enough hairspray to make the Jags defence rock solid, and the talk of dynasties hits the breakfast table as well as the bars, this can only mean one thing - Manti Te'os girlfriend is real! Seriously, its SUPERBOWL WEEK in the SML (cue trumpet fanfare).

As we are well into the playoffs we have 6 teams left at time of writing, the Titans, Browns and Bills from the AFC and Eagles, Lions and Cardinals representing the NFC. As with any major sporting event there are several factors that each team needs to get right. The gameplan is of course top priority, get this wrong and you might as well be a cpu team. 2nd priority is how to deal with injuries and adjust accordingly and the 3rd priority is how to handle the pressure.

Gamplanning is crucial, and as i write the Eagles and Cards will be suiting up for the right to challenge the Lions in the NFC Championship game. The Browns visit Tennessee to determine who gets a shot at the reigning AFC champion Bills.

I think Arizona's offensive strategy will be key in their All-Birds game. At this point of the season stats go out the window, mainly as there have been a lot of cpu games. Arizona need to get beanie pumped up and run the ball against Philly and LB's Michael Jones and Daryl Washington will need to stop LeSean McCoy - do that and the Cards win. Can they? Personally i think not, i see Philly's D being too strong and a Championship showdown with Detroit will happen. The Lions like to mix it up on offense and they will need to against the Eagles D, but make no mistake here, this one will be a 70 point shoot-out and the turnovers may not be as important a factor as usual as both teams can score in a hurry via DJax and Megatron. However, i take Philly to make it the dance after several seasons of coming up short in some classic, close games.

The AFC championship will be Titans v Bills. No disrespect to the Browns but i cannot see them containing CJ long enough in their divisional match-up. Cleveland have proved themselves against human opponents but unfortunately for them there have not been enough of them. It will be close but CJ over Richardson is the defining factor and Tennessee get a nice little trip North to Buffalo.
The Bills are an interesting bunch, they have a canny Coach (and the worst NFL logo) and a fearsome running game with Jackson and Spiller. They will run the ball all day if you cant get pressure and i dont see either the Titans or Browns having enough on D to stop them make a 2nd consecutive Superbowl.

Which brings us to the big one - Philly v Buffalo. I say Infemous achieves something no other Coach has done in SML - lose 2 consecutive Superbowls! The Eagles will have to be on top form for sure, but i think the scheme has been fine tuned by Coach Brza and this will be the difference. Buffalo's scheme is also formidable, and Coach should be applauded by winning the old fashioned way, grind and punish, and he has some mediocre players performimg at the highest possible level as he knows exactly the type of player he needs in Buffalo ... as does Brza in Philly.

So, there you have it guys and gals. Its the year of the green bird!

Go on you Bills, Titans, Browns, Lions and Cardinals .... make me a liar, i dare ya!!!


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Re: Suoerbowl Week

Post by Notorious_MH on Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:12 pm

I'll do my best Laughing

Nice write up as usual Scoop.

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Re: Suoerbowl Week

Post by trulyinfemous on Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:55 pm

Gret write up! I'm hoping to prove you wrong on only your final prediction!

Its kind of crazy to realise how some elements of my team have incredibly low ratings and are still performing to a solid standard.

It would be befitting of my franchise to come up short in 2 consecutive seasons, however, I'm looking to rectify that!

It would be my first ever Superbowl Madden as I have lost a Superbowl at least once every Madden year in at least one franchise... I've got that monkey off my back already this season, lets hope I can make the Superbowl again to make history!

LTown or GBDawg will both be a formidable opponent. A good record vs LTown means we have history in our games, he'll be very ready to play and his team seems very much improved this season, while GBDawg is the unknown entity and should I play him I go in blind... but so does he.

Looking forward to the match up either way!

Good luck to both LTown and GBDawg, may the best win!

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Re: Suoerbowl Week

Post by Sponsored content

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