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Scoop McLeak's REAL Power Rankings

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Scoop McLeak's REAL Power Rankings

Post by Scoop_McLeak on Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:50 pm

There comes a time when the more gifted among us are obliged to give a little back, to share a little wealth and wisdom (very little of the wealth actually), and basically help the little people. As i am one of the more talented gifted people (is that a double positive, Ed?) i decided to waste, ahem, utilise some of my most valuable time and throw you rabid SML head coaches a bone. 

See below the Scoop McLeak power rankings. The Real power rankings. Not the data driven waffle you get from certain areas claiming to be experts, no friends, legit blood curdling 'dead or alive, you're coming with me' type power rankings.

Without frying your brains too much, y'all appear to be struggling with basic playbooks as it is, my PR's are calculated using performances, human traits and skills, game management, tactics, the whole 9 yards in fact for the top 20 SML teams. Observe:-


Now, as you can see from the above, the Cowboys and Vikings are currently 1 and 2 respectively, the same as Daddy Leagues, PFF and Sports Illustrated. But things start to look a little differently from there on out.

The Rams and Ravens are 3 and 4, both teams still evolving but from the games played thus far rightfully sit in the elite bracket. However, understand, the PR's are purely based on games played and not a reflection on who is the best. Many things can and will happen between now and week 17 - with many top match-ups and mouth watering story lines coiled like a rattlesnake ready to unravel. 

As for the playoffs, nay, the Superbowl itself, things will start to clear up within 5 weeks as we have new owners coming in - and this is huge to the playoff picture as Triceptimous is settling in at New England and Brunty has already moved his deep passing playbook into the Tampa Bay offices. But, it is time to state a few truths. If you want a ring, you're going to have to negotiate the Chiefs, Ravens, Colts and probably Patriots in the AFC. The NFC is the slightly stronger conference and apart from the Vikes, the whole of the South and West, there's the small matter of the Cowboys and Eagles too - who incidentally play this week in a blockbuster affair. Why haven't i mentioned the reigning Champion Titans i hear you gurgle? Well, Old LTown seems to be living off his former glory and i can report now considers himself above hard work and considers his celebrity status almost at the same level as me! But he will be back, a late push for the playoffs will signal his return to power and i predict LT will be formidable after a much needed draft.

To the guys in the top 10 above i say well done. To the guys below i say this - many of you are approaching a make or break point in the season but don't lose focus as the teams at the top of the pile have weaknesses. For example, if you want to beat the Cowboys and Vikings - your linebackers need to turn up. If you want to beat the Chiefs and Ravens, sharpen up your short passing game. If you harbour any real convictions at all to have a run at this thing - hang tough. There's no place in these pages for half hearted mis-tacklers.

Keep it going, and make life SMhell for your opponents.

Show me pain. I'll reward you.


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Re: Scoop McLeak's REAL Power Rankings

Post by xxeternalxx on Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:03 pm

Is it wrong to look forward to your articles almost as much as the games themselves?


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Re: Scoop McLeak's REAL Power Rankings

Post by Scoop_McLeak on Sat Jan 25, 2014 6:23 pm

Mr Eternal, is it wrong to wonder at the beautiful brush work of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa? Is it a sin to lose yourself in the strings of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata? Is it illegal to stare at Kelly Brook calendars? The answer to your question is, of course, a resounding no.

I shall lobby for an extra Cowboys draft pick. Not because you need it, but because you have articulated one of planet earth's most obvious facts. 
Hang on a minute, as my literary excellence is indeed one of earth's most obvious facts i shall lobby to have a draft pick removed from Dallas.

And two draft picks shall be removed from every other team until they too fail to resist the overwhelming pressure of acknowledging the greatness of Einstein, Aristotle, David Bowie and me.


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Re: Scoop McLeak's REAL Power Rankings

Post by Notorious_MH on Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:19 pm

Great write up as usual Scoop, nice to see the Rams getting some recognition. We aren't doing it sexy but like Al Davis used to say, "just win baby".

Also thanks for not giving hints on how to beat the Rams... cheques in the post  Wink


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Re: Scoop McLeak's REAL Power Rankings

Post by Harps on Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:30 am

@xxeternalxx wrote:Is it wrong to look forward to your articles almost as much as the games themselves?

I look forward to them more!

So long as he doesn't mention Interceptions


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